At Brave New Films, we believe the United States thrives when it has strong communities. Yet our nation is now weakening communities by locking people up at a higher rate than any country on earth. Harsh sentences for even modest offenses are breaking up families and destroying human potential. Meanwhile, solutions such as rehabilitation, crime prevention, and job opportunity have proved to be more cost-effective for taxpayers.

Beyond Bars is our award-winning media campaign to inform and engage Americans on mass incarceration. As part of the national movement for reform, we produce short videos and use social media to promote better approaches to public safety. We’re transforming hearts and minds. Much of our work is done in partnership with reform organizations nationwide to maximize impact in fostering policies that are less about building more prisons and more about building strong communities.



susan-burton.pngSusan Burton, A New Way of Life / All of Us or None

NeillFranklin.pngNeill Franklin, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
VanitaGupta.pngVanita Gupta, American Civil Liberties Union
GlennMartin.pngGlenn Martin, Fortune Society
MarcMauer.pngMarc Mauer, Sentencing Project
PatNolan.pngPat Nolan, Prison Fellowship
DavidRogers.pngDavid Rogers, Partnership for Safety & Justice


Jordan_Headshot2.pngJordan Melograna, Content Director. A graduate of the filmmaking program at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Jordan has been producing, shooting, and editing video content for the last decade, with a focus on non-profit and advocacy media. Jordan joined Brave New Films in 2012. In his first eighteen months, he served as the Lead Editor and Supervising Producer of the Beyond Bars campaign. There, he oversaw the production of dozens of short documentaries, web videos, motion graphics, and other web content. He served as the producer and editor of "Law & Disorder" - the 2013 winner of the Media for a Just Society video award. He also directed and produced "Redemption of the Prosecutor" - a short documentary screened at the Chicago International Social Justice Film Festival and Atlanta Documentary Film Festival. He served as a producer and editor on the series, Prison Profiteers, which has been featured in Business Week and The Nation magazine, and was awarded Outstanding Achievement for Series, and for Writing at the Los Angeles Web Fest. In 2014, Jordan took on the role of Content Director for Brave New Films, overseeing all video and web content production across multiple campaigns and issues, including mass incarceration, drug law reform, immigration reform, workers' right, living wage, and more.

Washington_pic.jpegBrittany Washington, Story Producer. Hailing from Austin, Texas, Brittany has an array of creative work behind her. She was on her first set at fifteen and has been behind the camera for over a decade. She received her bachelor's degree from the University of Texas-Austin, majoring in directing and editing. It was there she honed her craft of visual storytelling. As an independent director and editor, Brittany explored the narrative world and her love of short-form storytelling through music videos and short films. New to Los Angeles, Brittany has since shifted her focus to short-form documentary storytelling, discovering that truth truly is stranger than fiction.

Tara_Kelton.pngTara Kelton, Lead Editor. Tara believes that film is one of the most powerful mediums because it combines so many formats that already have the potential to be incredibly impactful on their own— audio, visual, time, and story, all in one complete package. She started out as a photographer but soon found film and graduated from the Wesleyan University Film Studies Program in CT. In 2011 she moved to LA to start her current career in film. She got her feet wet by editing trailers, TV spots, and sizzle reels for clients such as: Lionsgate, Sony and Miramax, but eventually decided to use her shooting and editing skills to help promote companies and causes such as the Preschool for All initiative in San Francisco. She is thrilled to be part of the Brave New Films team, bringing meaningful media to the masses.


Moriah Burton, Graphic Designer. Moriah is the current Graphic Designer for Brave New Films. Prior to BNF, she was a freelance filmmaker working in post-production.  She has worked as an assistant editor, an animator, and a graphic artist, and also enjoys working on set as a grip or AD. She graduated with a degree from the USC film program in 2012.


Robert Greenwald, Founder & President of Brave New Films. Robert Greenwald is a producer, director, and political activist. He is the director/producer of several documentaries: Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers (2006), Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price (2005), and Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism (2004). He also executive produced a trilogy of political documentaries: Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election (2002); Uncovered: The Iraq War (2003), which Greenwald also directed; and Unconstitutional (2004).

Jim Miller, Executive Director of Brave New Films. Jim joined the organization during its founding by putting together a coalition of over 100 groups (including Amnesty International, MoveOn, True Majority, and Voters For Peace) to push our unique system of distribution and house screenings for Iraq For Sale. Since then, Jim has strengthened our distribution coalition so that our short videos now get over 1.5 million views per month. His film experience began over 20 years ago working on Bull Durham and includes being the Director of Development for The Shooting Gallery, an independent film company which produced Sling Blade and You Can Count on Me, and Head of Acquisitions for Cinema Park Distribution. Immediately prior to BNF, Jim produced the star-studded "Les Girls" charity benefits for the National Breast Cancer Coalition.

Linsey Pecikonis, Communications Director of Brave New Films. Linsey comes to BNF with a decade of communication experience and as a strong advocate for justice. Prior to becoming BNF's communication director, she was the communications director at Democracy for America, Gov. Howard Dean's Political Action Committee working to protect American workers in Wisconsin and most recently electing a more progressive Congress. She has worked crafting press strategies for a variety of groups and issues including immigration rights, LGBT rights, Labor issues, and the impact of climate change on our environment. Linsey lives in Los Angeles with her partner Nicky alongside their cluster of cats and dogs.

Tim Molina, Outreach Director of Brave New Films. Prior to joining BNF, Tim worked with as a National Field Organizer where he oversaw all of CA, HI, and AK for the 2012 elections. Before working with MoveOn, Tim was a Labor Organizer with SEIU Local 1021 based out of San Francisco. Though his passion is social justice, Tim also likes long walks on the beach but prefers Mai Tai's over Piña Coladas.

 Beyond Bars is a project of Brave New Films, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2005 by filmmaker Robert Greenwald. BNF's mission is to champion social justice issues by using short videos and other media to inspire, empower, motivate, and teach civic participation.

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  • posted about this on Facebook 2014-01-07 05:08:39 -0800
    I was incarcerated for over28 years for being wrongly accused of rape, sodomy and robbery charges. I was released in June of 2012 thru DNA testing. Project Innocence took up my case. I would like to tell my story.
  • @TimNewburn tweeted link to this page. 2012-12-11 06:12:24 -0800
    MT @laurapiacentin2 The 'Beyondbars' blog is good place to see how gps are challenging moods/attitudes to imprisonment.
  • commented 2012-11-23 21:30:38 -0800
    My son and I would like to be involved in a video to tell the world his personal account of his case history.. It’s unbelievable and would make a great story… He’s written his biography in 2008 and he said he did so to tell the truth of what really happened during his 18 months of being held w/o bond, and to expose the corruption in his case. He needed rehab for drug addiction, not a 30 year sentence!! His partners felt he was a threat to their empires they had amassed from drug money so he became the sacrificial lamb, all the while protecting them until it became apparent they had thrown him to the wolves over 2 years later.. He made a terrible mistake and doesn’t want to see anyone else make the same mistake. Drugs ruin your life and so does picking the wrong people as your friends and partners.. He is paying w/his life and is not the kingpin, but was sentenced as such and that’s how he got 30 yrs.. they ESTIMATED what they thought he had sold over a 10 year period based on hearsay…. Not the way our criminal system is supposed to work… He needs this to be exposed to give him closure and peace of mind. Please help us…. thanks, mother of Randall Daniels, Linda C. Jolly, South Carolina
  • commented 2012-11-08 19:30:07 -0800
    Most citizens are not aware of the mass incarceration for profit in the US.. I was not aware Wells Fargo is the largest company to build prisons to lease back to Department of Justice/Federal Bureau of Prisons, In 2004, my son signed a plea agreement on a 1st time charge for drug conspiracy and afer they held him 18 months w/o bond.. the lead investigato and appointed lawyer told several lies on him to keep the judge from setting bond, they voided his plea and gave him 30 yrs on a FIRST time charge w/ NO Criminal HIstory!! Who signs a plea and ends up with 30 years?? They declared him the kingpin w/o actual weights(he has less than 1 kilo) the real kingpin, Butch Hutchinson only got 37 months in a camp. He had a previous state charge of 10 yrs and only served less than a year back in the 80’s due to his “connections” and lawyer, Ken Mathews who had connections w/sled and Richland County Sheriff.. the investigator was the sheriff’s number 1 deputy on his first DEA Task Force. It was all done because my son became addicted to cocaine and rather than put him in rehab, they chose to use their expertise, money and knowledge of the law to "bury him with a life sentence. They broke the law when they took their knowledge and manipulated the system and law to their advantage to save themselves from going down.. Quite simply, the crime does NOT fit the crime. my son has done 9 yrs so far and the real criminals are free and the crooked lawyer is still practicing law.. he was never indicted, yet he kept telling my son to keep quiet and everything would be alright.. He personally saw to it that he was persecuted by corrupt lawyers w/no conscience. All the while the sheriff looked the other way and pretended he knew nothing about the entire setup.. NOw the sheriff can be seen on tv regularly in little psa’s (public safety slots) posing to help the community and keep them safe from the rash of robberies and crime we have in the area.. He is a big part of what’s wrong with out area….They sell the consficated drugs and guns out the back door and keep the $$ from drug busts.. He has bought his position and now he has to pay them back by doing their dirty work..I have written my son’s case history and I am having a book published so others will know what they did to us and our famil..Also, to let them know how corrupt the legal system is and has been for a long time.. The War on Drugs was lost many years ago and it’s time for real prison reform..NOW.. It’s all about money and greed! Has nothing to do with justice or treating people fair or humane, but it’s who can pay the most to get someone out of whatever they are involved in at the time. It’s sad but true.. You can read about it in “JusticeForRandyNow”…This is not being done for profit as I am donating the proceeds from this book after the cost of puslishing. My goal is to get relief for my son’s enormous sentence (which the prosecutor has already agreed to review him for a sentence reduction if/when I give them some info that benefits the govt.), and to tell people how they will be treated if they get caught in a horrendous nightmare like this.. It can ruin your life if you allow it to do so.. God has blessed me and given me wonderful friends who believe in me and I know God will see the real criminals will get their just desserts and my family will have those long awaited Sunday dinners again…Sincerely, Linda Jolly Taylor
  • commented 2012-09-11 06:40:30 -0700
    Please Partner with the to move forward with a direct action that citizens and those most affected by the war on drugs can do to help STOP feeding the beast.

Join the movement to build strong communities out of those broken by mass incarceration.

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