Redemption of the Prosecutor

When prosecutor and devout Christian Preston Shipp began teaching in a Nashville prison, he never thought he’d be the one to get schooled. But the friendship he forges with one young prisoner puts his faith in the justice system—and in Jesus—to the ultimate test.

Our Turn to Dream

When Martin Luther King gave the "I Have a Dream" speech 50 years ago, he had no idea that Jim Crow would soon be replaced with another oppressive system: mass incarceration, which has devastated communities of color across America. The struggle against segregation must be reborn as a movement to transform the criminal justice system.



Fight the Prison Profiteers!

Prison Profiteers is a video series profiling the powerful companies and individuals who are profiting off locking up too many people for too long. Get to know the profiteers and then take action to fight their abuses.

Florida Atlantic University is about to let the GEO Group, a notorious private prison company, slap its name on a new football stadium. Don't allow that to happen! GEO has a shameful record of human rights violations, abuse, and neglect at its facilities. Click here to sign the petition.



What's your injustice story?

Have you witnessed the effects of mass incarceration or the War on Drugs first-hand? Are you either a safekeeper or a survivor? Tell us your storyEmail us a LINK TO A YOUTUBE VIDEO or a PHOTO WITH TEXT briefly summarizing what happened to you and what policy changes you'd like to see. We'll post it here.



Join the movement to build strong communities out of those broken by mass incarceration.

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