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  • signed Stop GEO Group from Naming a Stadium! via 2013-02-21 12:40:30 -0800
    If private prisons have so much money that they can sponser a stadium, then we are paying them too much. They must be in “bed” with the governor!!

    Sign Petition: Stop GEO Group from Naming a Stadium! (UPDATE: We won!)

    (UPDATE: Victory! Thanks to the work of students at FAU and groups and activists across the country, GEO Group has ended its attempt to name the football stadium. People 1, private prisons 0.)

    Florida Atlantic University is about to let the GEO Group, a notorious private prison company, slap its name on a new football stadium. Don't allow that to happen! GEO has a shameful record of human rights violations, abuse, and neglect at its facilities.

    Sign the petition below to demand that university president Mary Jane Saunders reverse her decision! Click here for the full letter. (And special thanks to the ACLU, Nation Inside, Cuéntame, and Grassroots Leadership for partnering with us on this action!!)

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